Presenting the best, most innovative and effective way of cleaning your DSLR sensor! The Sensor Gel Stick has recently become available for sale in the United States and has instantly become the photographer’s best friend!

Sensor Gel Stick Photo

This same sensor gel stick is used by techs at the best camera companies such as Nikon, Leica, Canon and Olympus to clean your CCD and CMOS sensors. Not long ago this product was only available for manufacturers, but now you have access to it as well!

This fascinating technology has been used for years now. However, as stated above, only manufacturers had access to it. When you send your cameras for costly repairs or cleaning, the techs there use this same exact product! The question is, if they use it there, why can’t you use it at your home for a fraction of the cost? This sensor gel stick is extremely easy to use and anyone, even without experience, can use it. All you really need is a steady hand and some patience!

The sensor gel stick, unlike other types of cleaning, utilizes gel to pick up and remove dust from your sensor. The process is very simple and quick. All you have to do is follow the instructions that come with the product. Basically, you will be required to use the stick in an up and down motion. A sticky paper is included in the kit to make it possible for you to clean the gel off the tip of the stick. This way you won’t get dirty gel on your sensor.

I can finally clean my camera's sensor easily at home without needing to spend big money sending it to Nikon! It is a very safe process and the result is great!
Melissa Campbell
- Wedding Photographer

What’s included in the Kit?

– Sensor Gel Stickbest sensor gel stick
– 7 Pack of Viscous Cleaning Papers
– Aluminum Box
– Manual

Item Details:

This sensor cleaning kit comes with the sensor gel stick itself as well as the cleaning papers to clean the gel. You should use the cleaning kit at room temperature in order to get the most out of this product. If you use it in tougher environments you could not get the results expected due to the changing texture of the gel.

The cleaning papers are coated with a non-shedding colloid material. You should clean the dust on the sensor gel stick before using it every time. To use it you should peel off the sticker and gently remove the dust from the gel.

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